A Collection of Essays Quotes by George Orwell

Students will also take up the works of writers of this genre, which include The March of Folly by Barbara Tuchman, Best American Essays of the Century compiled by Joyce Carol Oates and Robert Atwan, A Collection of Essays by George Orwell, The Spooky Art: Thoughts on Writing by Norman Mailer, Moment of Being: Unpublished Autobiographical Writings by Virginia Wolf, and Self-Reliance and Other Essays by Samuel Johnson.

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George Basaly September 30, 2010Mrs. Rochford Period 7A Collection of Essays by George OrwellSpeaker: The speaker of this book is the author himself, George Orwell. As well as writing novels, he wrote many essays, and decided to publish a select few of them into a single book. He recollects many important events that he has witnessed, and reflects and analyzes them through his pen. Ever since he was a child, his dream was to always be a writer. I know that he is the voice of his essays because in one particular one, ?Such, Such Were the Joys?? he writes, ?I base these generalizations on what I can recall of my own childhood outlook,? because he wrote his essays based on his personal experiences, in this case, he recalls his childhood sweetheart, Elise.

A Collection of Essays by George Orwell

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