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That is only possible when you will brainstorm for ideas; brainstorming is itself a long process which deals with the generation of different ideas. Take a pen and paper; just write whatever comes to your mind. The list will then be shortened; select the best one out of it, the basis of best one would be the one which interest you the most so that you don’t lose interest while writing at any stage. You can generate different ideas by looking around in your surroundings. For example; you can see there are boys and girls or men and women; you can compare them in your analogy essays.

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Hence, you should now be able to generate ideas on your own or you can effectively use the above told ideas as a topic for analogy essays. Final words of advice are to consult your teacher after deciding the topic of analogy essays because they might want you to write on something else or claim that you haven’t crafted the right topic etc. So, in order to save yourself from future problems, it’s better to consult him or her in the first place.