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Analyzing an Argumentative Essay

Your goal in analyzing an essay question is to discover the two essential elements of every essay question: the topic and the requirement or requirements. The topic of an essay question is the specific subject you need to discuss. The requirements tell you how to approach or handle the topic.

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In analyzing an essay, you want to bring out some of this depth and complexity. Generally speaking, it is not enough simply to point out that the theme is present, though this is obviously the first step. (In some descriptive essays, where the theme is not obvious, pointing out how the author uses physical descriptions to convey deeper ideas may be enough.) Instead, what you want to do is try to see what the author is saying about the theme.

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By taking the course English 3001, I have learned so many techniques of writing that I always thought were not possible for me to learn within a short period of time. At the end of the Spring Quarter 2015 when I am writing this essay, I am amazed by my writing and how much my skill has been improved. Before taking this course, I was not also a good thinker. Sometimes, I became lost at the middle of writing, but after finishing this course I can proudly say that my critical thinking skill has also been greatly improved. The homework, drafting of out-of-class essays, midterm, analyzing an essay, formatting etc have enhanced my writing and editing skill like persuasion, synthesis, summary etc. All these coursework also empowered my ability to think critically which helped me to write better.
Completing the homework helped me to prepare for writing the three big out-of-class-essays. The homework was from different topics, such as writing a critical response, a summary, writing a synthesis of two essays, and editing practice. The assigned course book "The Progressive Writing Text" was very helpful in explaining the basic rules of using my own voice, how to write a critical response and how to make a synthesis between two essays. With the help of the guidelines provided in that book, I was able to complete my homework successfully. This homework has certainly increased my ability to write using different strategies. Moreover, because of the homework, I had to always write something throughout the course which boosted my confidence in writing.
The continuous drafting of the essays was really helpful in catching my weakness in writing. This course required three out-of -class essays with three drafts for each. The first draft of the first essay was corrected by my course teacher. Then I brought the second draft to the Student Center for Academic Achievement for correction, and lastly I revised and submitted the final draft in Turnitin. ...