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Arguments aren’t fun. Honestly, when’s the last time you enjoyed arguing with someone? Amazingly, argumentative essays are becoming more and more popular amongst educators. The goal, of course, is to improve student’s debating skills; however, it’s hard to find the thin line between argumentative and overbearing, moderate and wishy-washy, logical and boring. Students that are trying to navigate their way through argumentative essays need a few tips to keep them on track and writing in the right direction. Here are four tips of the trade when it comes to argumentative essay writing:

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Argumentative essays have sometimes been referred to as persuasion essays, because the main purpose of the essay is to persuade people to change their beliefs on a certain arguable point. The essay has to be based on an issue or value that has more than 1 point of view; it cannot be based on a fact or a feeling or an opinion. That’s the tricky part of argumentative essay writing.