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Benjamin Franklin is known as a great person in the history of the USA. He is considered to be not only an outstanding politician, but a diplomat, printer, satirist, an inventor, etc. He played one of the major roles in the Proclamation of the Independence of the USA.

Thus, if you are going to write your Benjamin Franklin essay, you may be sure that there are a lot of facts to present in your Benjamin Franklin essays and you will not feel lack of topics.

The biography of Benjamin Franklin is completely factful; you should only decide what aspect of his life you would like to touch upon in your Benjamin Franklin essays. At this point I would like to mention some facts concerning the life of Benjamin Franklin, which you may use in your Benjamin Franklin essay.

Benjamin Franklin first expressed himself as a printer, having been the apprentice of his brother. You can speak upon this period of his life in your Benjamin Franklin essay.

After some time, he was looking forward to some new feelings and he escaped to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Try to think over the feelings Benjamin Franklin have gone through when he was far from home in your Benjamin Franklin essay.

One more very important fact from Benjamin Franklin’s life is his marriage with Deborah Read. There are a lot of different opinions around it and you are welcome to analyze each of them in your Benjamin Franklin essays.

Do not forget to mention the most exciting inventions of Franklin in your Benjamin Franklin essays, since he is also famous as a great inventor – do not neglect this fact in your Benjamin Franklin essays.

As far as you can see, if you are to write your Benjamin Franklin essay, you can write not only about his political career (although it is worth mentioning), but you may also touch upon numerous catching facts from his life.

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