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Always remember when writing a cause or effect essay, the answer is likely going to be more than one. The thing here is not to cover them all, but for the author to find what they think are the most important points. Then cover as many as they can effectively based on the size of the essay. An example would be on a five-hundred word essay, cover about two to three points. This will give enough room to cover the points in a good informative essay. If the author figures one paragraph to open, then one to two paragraphs for each point, then one paragraph to close they will be very close.

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When choosing a cause or effect essay, make sure that the topic allows for strong points for the cause or the effect. Structuring the essay so that the points keep the reader engaged can be with the strongest points first or at the end before the conclusion. If you wish the reader to be called to an action of some sort, then perhaps the end should be the strongest.

How To Write A Cause Or Effect Essay In A Proper Way

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