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Let's review. This lesson is a little different from most. I only have two key terms to review. The continuity and change over time essay will ask you to analyze historical continuity and change over time. You will need to have a solid grasp of historical context and cause and effect. You will have 40 minutes to complete this essay. The second essay is the comparative essay in which you will be asked to compare and contrast different regions, civilizations, societies, etc. Again, you will have 40 minutes to complete this section of the exam. Good luck!

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The continuity and change over time essay is probably the most difficult. It requires close analysis over a certain trend in any given area in any given time period. The point of the continuity and change overtime essay is to see how well you can analyze the progression of history. The prompt may ask you to analyze the changes and continuities in Western Europe between the Middle Ages and The Renaissance. First, you need to make sure you hit all points of the essay from the beginning of the time period to the end. Explain what life was like in the middle ages, then point out any innovations that happened after, and finally end with how life was in the renaissance. The prompt always contains the rubric, so make sure you read it to know if you need a direct comparison, similarities, etc.

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There are three different types of essays for the world history exam: The comparative, the continuity and change over time essay, and the DBQ. The great part about the world history exam is that it offers a general prompt, and you get to choose what civilizations/key concepts you’d like to use to develop your essay.