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Believe it or not, essay writing can be an easy academic task. If you get acquainted with the basics of writing and keep practicing at it you might even welcome new tasks assigned by your professor . Looking through a number of character analysis sample essays should help you develop your own writing style. Moreover, you ought to take into consideration all the other elements of a character analysis essay. In many cases, a character in a given novel or story is not stagnant but develops with the storyline.

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The resulting or Thousand Character Essay was, in the centuries that followed, distributed throughout the Chinese-reading world and has ever since been a major source of inspiration for calligraphers, due in part to its unique feature of non-repeating characters, and for Chinese schoolteachers, tutors, students and general readers as well. This was true especially throughout the ages when a grasp of the classical language was the key to success in traditional China. It was transmitted to Korea, where it was most influential and a basic part of literacy education well into modern times, Japan, and Vietnam as well. Interestingly, the author's distance in time from his country's recorded beginnings was about the same as our own distance from western classical antiquity. Japan was still in its prehistory during his lifetime.

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A good example of this for your Character Analysis Essay would be Friar Laurence in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence is thought to be a character that perpetually makes bad decisions which portray his corruption deep down.