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Each year, The Compass asks children, in fifth grade and under, to take part in our "Just for Kids" Christmas essay project. In this 17th year of the project, we asked them to write about Christmas stories - their favorite story or legend, other than the stories in the Gospels.

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In successive illustrated anthologies, the essays do not receive pride ofplace, although "A Christmas Tree" (1850) and "What Christmas is, as we Grow Older" (1851)are often reprinted. The seasonal offerings that are specifically narratives in begin with in 1852, and continue into the 1860s with the framed tales of , the last of the series being the Charles Dickens- collaboration (1867). The philosophical qualities of "What Christmas is, as we Grow Older," published at Christmas 1851, connect the short effusion with the highly descriptive and contemplative "A Christmas Tree" from 1850, the first of a series of nine essays by journalists such as Blanchard Jerrold, Henry Wills, James Hannay, Charles Knight, F. K. Hunt, J. H. Siddons, Samuel Sidney, and R. H. Horne. Many of these writers contributed to the second set of philosophical essays in 1851, but the second series featured two new writers who became significant over the decade, Harriet Martineau (who contributed "What Christmas is in Country Places," the fourth essay) and George Augustus Sala (who contributed "What Christmas is in the Company of John Doe," the fifth essay). Neither of Dickens's Christmas essays, however, has leant itself to illustration, so that Furniss is one of the few illustrators to realise passages in them. In the 1868 Library Edition and the 1911 Centenary Edition, the two Dickens Christmas essays appear before the first of his Christmas stories, "The Poor Relation's Story" from (1852). Oddly enough, Furniss and his editor, J. A. Hammerton, have sandwichedthe essays between the last of the pieces of 1866and , suggesting that they regarded them as asumming up of Dickens's sentiments about Christmas and its meaning in mid-VictorianEngland. Entertaining and well written though it may be, the Dickens-Collins collaborativenovella is decidedly not a Christmas story, so that the companion essays would have been out of place at the close of the volume. Perhaps owing to the publisher's assessment thatneither "A Christmas Tree" nor "What Christmas is, as we Grow Older" is technically afiction, the 1876 American of and 1877 volume published in Great Britain omit them entirely.

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