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If you are a High School student who is stuck for an idea for their upcoming college entrance essay, one suggestion that may help is a personal interview. Basically, with a personal interview you write down some questions and respond to them with your own answers. By interviewing yourself in this fashion your can figure out what your goals and ambitions are. You will also get an idea of how your personality can come across when you talk about yourself in detail. This is extremely helpful when you are trying to come up with a thesis statement for your application paper. Who knows, you may even learn something that you didn't know about your own self.

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Come to the Loft for two action packed hours that will get you in shape for your college entrance essay writing projects! Author Laurie Lindeen (a.k.a. the college entrance essay coach) will teach the basics about what colleges are and are not looking for in prospective students. As a group, we will complete one common application question by brainstorming and discussing appropriate content for each students' essay. Laurie will provide her foolproof formula for the optimal first paragraph and review common temptations and mistakes made by students.

College Entrance Essays, Paper Writing Help

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Although WorkForce career centers mainly focus on matters regarding unemployment, they can be very resourceful when you are looking for college admission. They will have samples of college entrance essays and even give you advice about scholarship essays should you require it. With this, you will be better equipped to come up with the best college entrance essay.