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Writing a personalstatement can be the toughest part ofthe college application process. Students often expressconcern that they have trouble finding a topic for their college essay andarticulating theirthoughts on it eloquently. However, before you just settle on a topicfor your college essay,we put together a list of college essay topics that college admissionsofficers havebeen less than excited to receive.

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There are a few other things to remember for those students who are new to college writing and are trying to master the skills of it. It is essential to be organized and plan your work beforehand. This factor is very often overlooked by many students, that is why they sometimes fail to meet the deadlines or fail to receive an expected grade. Planning your work and reserving some good time for choosing one of the most proper college essays topics, collecting the most relevant and up-to-date materials from reputable academic sources, working on the writing part and reviewing the academic work is the best possible way to make your work easier and more pleasant. You can learn more of important tips and recommendations from experienced writers regarding college essay writing, maximizing the effects and taking most from your efforts. Good luck with your academic writing learning experience!

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The essence of the problem is mostly concerned with choosing the topic for the college paper. It is a well known fact that the topic of the college essay is a key factor for its success. Psychologists have long ago proven that when reading the relatively short piece of writing the most memorable for people are the beginning or the title and the final sentences. For this matter if a person takes a short look at your college essay the topic will be a decisive element to attract the person’s attention or on the contrary make them loose interest to the writing. That is why topic selection requires as much preparation and effort as the actual essay writing. Some of the academicians are convinced that a good topic is already 50% of the paper.