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Debating means almost the same as arguing. You have a standpoint on a certain issue and want everybody else to accept it. To have a better understanding of what debates are all about, we advise you to watch some videos of political debates. These are the best examples of how one should argue for a certain point.

However, oral debates between people are certainly different from debating on paper and writing a good debate essay. If this is your next written assignment and you face some difficulties with it, we are ready to provide necessary assistance.

So, if you want to know how to write a debate essay and win the “battle”, follow these simple principles.

Principle 1: know the features of a good debate

A winning debate has several characteristics that you should know and use when writing own debate essay:

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The first stage of writing is making a debate essay outline. Mostly, students get confused for being unaware of how to produce an effective debate essay outline. Below, you will find useful tips that will help you work out a good debate essay outline, thus, create a steady framework for your project.

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There useful that do a great job of outlining some of the basic information behind the nature vs nurture argument. This is a good place to begin before you write your debate essay or other paper on this topic. It has a lot of very solid, basic information, and will help you get your facts straight as you write.

A debate essay boils down to the discussion of different points of view on one and the same problem. Sometimes a teacher gives two or more articles that students have to discuss in the debate essay, or students may search for the works of other researchers by themselves. This discussion along with the writer’s personal point of view on the problem should be presented in a form of a well-structured and properly formatted paper. What thoughts come to your mind when you hear about a debate essay? Is it something like an ? Perhaps, it is a paper covering a debatable topic, and you will have to write a kind of an ?

Well, these answers are not exactly correct. However, a debate essay has something in common with an argumentative essay and can be completed on different topics. Anyway, let us stop muddling up this issue.

Do you want to know how to write a debate essay? Get the answer right in this article.

There are two ways of completing a debate essay.