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When you have noted and structured the basic ideas that you want to describe in your essay, you should spend some time developing those ideas. The descriptive essay format should be one that very clearly paints a picture for the reader. To paint that picture the author will need talk vividly and clearly giving details about the events they are describing. For example a newspaper article reporting on a court case will not only give the details of the crime; it will give the details about the trial and this involved that are trying to bring the reader into the courtroom: "The jury sat in silence, listening intently as lawyers for the prosecution cross-examined the accused who sat in the dock with his head bowed." It is this detail that sets the descriptive essay apart from other forms of writing. Where in another form of essay an author is aiming to give the reader the facts about the issue they are examining, when writing a descriptive essay the author wants to give some qualitative information to support what they are telling the reader. The details described in a descriptive essay serve a very specific function: they imply other details may be significant to the story or to a particular character. A few words placed carefully can very greatly influence a reader’s views or feelings. For example, if someone is described as 'a begging on the street' the reader may feel hostility to this character that is after something for nothing. However, if that same person is described as the 'tired, cold and hungry individual lying in a dark and damp doorway' they may feel pity and sympathy. This sort of detail is crucial to making the story believable. A good descriptive essay is one that will draw the reader into the story and through the language and detail used by the author keep them there right through to the conclusion.

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Not all subjects are suited towards a descriptive essay format. The web can be a boon of help, providing sample essays, which can help you gain an understanding of the basic elements needed for a cohesive and strong essay. A descriptive essay needs to be thorough, and cover all vital elements of the topic you choose. Take care to avoid going off on those all-too-common tangents, and stick to the main points. Think of the descriptive essay as a lengthy summary of the basic elements of the concept or topic you are writing on.

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Technical or conceptual topics make great descriptive essay topics. When looking for tips on essay writing, you will often find that a narrowly defined concept is the recommended way to handle the topic of your essay. For example, if we were asked to write a descriptive essay for an environmental science class, a good topic would be “passive solar lighting“. This essay would then be a description of the process of passive solar lighting – i.e. what it is, how it works, how it is useful or beneficial, etc. You take a broad subject – environmental science – and narrow it down to a small part of that subject – energy production and conservation – and then pick your topic, passive solar lighting.