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This is white-supremacist trash. Pushing for diversity is not a cult-ish ideology that is forced upon young malleable minds, it’s the way we should live with each other and love each other. To diversify a student body is to diversify the education system. These schools aren’t interested in students on an individual level? Of course they’re not. These are the administrations of schools that thousands of people apply to per year that are admitting students. The teachers care about the individuality of their students (in my experience) and that matters way more than my alma mater’s administration getting to know my identity. Diversity essays are a 1st amendment case waiting to happen? Get real, diversity is beautiful and I’m ashamed of you.

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In the first systematic study of what college applicants invoke when required to submit a diversity essay, we revisit many settled assumptions on both the left and the right about how such an essay would operate after Grutter and Gratz as well as after the passage of anti–affirmative action ballot initiatives. Our data are a sample of 176 diversity essays submitted to the University of Michigan in the immediate aftermath of the University's Supreme Court win, analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively with special attention to the differences that the essay writer's race and class position make. We find that in many respects the essays are similar when written by applicants from similar backgrounds but different races, and that conservative critics were wrong to assume the essay would function simply as a way of announcing oneself as an under-the-table affirmative action candidate. Rather than suggesting a straightforward lineup of advantage and disadvantage, we suggest rather that the essay is a vehicle for the youngest generation of citizens to both receive and send back a new conception of difference that has some essentializing elements but overall is turning in a postracial, cosmopolitan direction.

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In this study, we seize upon a unique moment when applicants write the required ''diversity essay'' for the University of Michigan undergraduate application. We present the first systematic empirical study of what diversity essays actually say. We employ propensity score matching to draw a stratified sample of diversity essays from the 2003-2004 application cycle to analyze for accounts of diversity as well as to match those accounts to the essay writers' race and class background. When applicants formulate an answer to the Michigan essay questions about diversity, they are forced to articulate what diversity is (at least implicitly) and to position themselves in relation to it. …