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James Maroney, director, First Choice College PlacementThe college admissions essay should represent a student's best work, so it is acceptable to have others edit the essay. I would recommend that several people look at the essay, and see if after reading it they get a sense that the essay really represents the person who wrote it. While it is OK to edit, and make suggestions for improving, the essay should be the student's own work and in the student's unique voice. So, editing an essay is permissible, but writing an essay for a student or significantly rewriting an essay is not.

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Custom HTML markup and JavaScript code can be added to essays and pages published by Koken. You have a couple of options for doing so, which we'll explain here. HTML editor Your first stop should be the HTML editor. While editing an essay or page, click the brackets button at bottom right. An inline text ed...

Essay editing has two main steps: essay editing and essay revision

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