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The Verna Ross Orndorff Scholarship is open to Illinois high school students. Requirements include a 1,500-word essay about Abraham Lincoln or the Civil War era in Illinois. For more information, visit the Society's website at

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Editor's note: Patrick Dahlen, a senior at Carbondale Community High School, is the 2004 winner of the annual Verna Ross Orndorff Scholarship. Patrick's Essay, "Lincoln the lawyer: Skilled intellect, great orator, or both?' took top honors in this year's essay judging. On Friday, December 3, during the Illinois Symposium Banquet at the Governors Mansion, Patrick received a check from the Illinois State I Iistorical Society for $1,000, his scholarship prize for writing the year's best high school student essay about Abraham Lincoln or the Civil War.

How to write a five paragraph essay about Abraham Lincoln:.

In third grade, I received my first-ever writing assignment — an essay about Abraham Lincoln

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