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When writing a five-paragraph evaluation essay, it is critical to know what is the function of each paragraph. This is when the importance of an essay format comes in. As with all types of essays, an essay on evaluation follows the chronological format of introduction, body and conclusion. The first and last paragraphs take one paragraph each, leaving the body with three paragraphs. This part takes more than 50% of the whole essay because this is where the writer expresses his concepts on the topic. To get more information on what is the right evaluation essay format for your essay, consult us now at .

Abstract: Further examples are taken from student tests to illustrate how essays are evaluated.

The reader functionality described above, like the user functions of the on-line essay evaluation system may be accessed over the Internet. Using the above described screens, all of which may be accessed over the Internet with an Internet browser, a primary reader, backup reader, and reader leader can access essays or constructed response that have been submitted by a user. The reader may proceed to evaluate the essay using the evaluation guidelines and other aides that are described above and provided on-line. A reader may then submit an evaluation of an essay. Thus, the preferred embodiment of the on-line essay evaluation system provides Internet accessible functionality for retrieving an essay response, reviewing information helpful in evaluating the response, assigning an overall evaluation and rubrics to the essay, and submitting an essay evaluation into the system for retrieval by the user or student.

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FIG. 1 provides an operational diagram for the essay evaluation system of the invention;

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