A sample essay map is as under :

Expository writing can be challenging for students, yet it is an important skill for them to develop and eventually master. Often, the most difficult aspects of writing an essay are getting started and maintaining an organized focus while drafting the essay. This Essay Map helps students with those challenges by providing them with an organized format that will help them generate and outline their ideas. When you introduce this graphic organizer to your students, model its use by creating an essay of a topic that is very familiar to students. Using a projector so students can watch, fill in the Essay Map as you brainstorm ideas. Then, show students how to use your completed Essay Map to generate a rough draft of an essay.

The Thesis Statement and the Essay Map

Essay Writing Mapping for Success for middle and high school students ... There is a brainstorming graphic as well as two suggested graphic organizers

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If you are going to write an essay, use an essay map to help you with the structure of your work

At the start of every well developed essay is a plan–the “road map of the essay”. A writer must know what the main topic is, what the main ideas are, and what supporting details can be used. If a student neglects to take the time to brainstorm and map his or her essay, the result is often a very unorganized, unclear essay. Unfortunately, many student struggle with the brainstorming and outlining process and as a result may skip this step altogether. If your student struggles in this area (much like I did), offers a great tool for helping your students learn to create an essay map. This interactive tool guides students through the process of creating a map of the essay’s topic, introduction, main ideas, supporting details, and the conclusion. Your student can either complete the map online and print out the finished copy, or print blank copies to use at any time! Also be sure to check out ReadWriteThink’s and maps!

Thesis: The campus bookstore is the worst place in town to buy textbooks. The unreasonable prices, the lack of qualified employees, and the constant book shortages discourage all but the most loyal customers. (Essay map underlined)Once you have finalised the Essay Map, you are ready to write your essays. You would have more clarity about what example to use in what essay based on the skill-sets that essay demands.