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B: The pseudonym is kind of hard to understand for me too. I had just finished up a really intense writing project – I was writing an essay on Abraham Lincoln and the Black Hawk War that had been very difficult to write, and led me down various wormholes. I really enjoy my academic writing and I think I’m good at it. I like to build these very complicated readings where everything has to bind together for it to work. Which is obviously how everybody does it, but it’s a very acrobatic writing style — you have to keep everything balanced, and the Lincoln piece left me really exhausted. I found myself wanting to do something completely different, to get my mojo back. What I didn’t know was that I had this huge adventure novel trapped in there, just waiting to come out. I didn’t understand that about myself.

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"Daddy," Marion said one day, "I have to write an essay on Abraham Lincoln. Can you help me?" Unperturbed by her father's solution that she use the school library collection, she opted for papa's insights. Unfamiliar with Abraham Lincoln's life story, Dr. Joe went to his favourite bookstore, and purchased Abe Lincoln Grows Up by Carl Sandburg. Inside the cover of this monograph he recounts "The first Lincoln item which I purchased in 1937, and started me on the road to become a collector of Lincolniana, and a student and great admirer of the beloved martyred Abraham Lincoln. I purchased this volume in order to assist my darling daughter, Marion Enid Nathanson with writing a composition on Abraham Lincoln. She was then a little girl, charming, vivacious and with beautiful blue eyes, seven and one-half years of age." What followed was an to acquire monographs, pamphlets, memorabilia, sculptures and prints, which lasted for the rest of his life.