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A good essay on happiness should contain a list of the definitions of the term “happiness”. You will see that different scholars, men of art, science define this term differently. Then, present several opinions of happiness for various people, then present your own vision of happiness, its essential parts. That can sound like an essay on happiness to me. And finally, focus on the methods which can help people feel happy or see that they are already happy, as they have relatives, good health, friends, etc.

Essay on Happiness: Exploring the Idea of Happiness by ashley1white

In his Preface the writer explains that this is a study of Napoleon's character, an attempt to "picture a living, breathing man." The military campaigns are only outlined, although civil matters are dealt with in more depth; it is the author's declared intention to concentrate on events that throw light on Napoleon's character. He has taken an interesting line in pursuing the romantic, imaginative aspect of Napoleon's personality, one which is often neglected. Napoleon's reading material is described, as are his early writings; an essay on happiness, a ghost story and a romantic, tragic novel. There is much on the development of 'Corsican attitudes and values'— notably the sense of justice and its 'dark side,' revenge; also thrift, honour and courage. It is the author's argument that these traits were persistent throughout Napoleon's life and that "he guided his life by two principles: Republicanism and honour." This is the distinctive feature of this biography, so I will look at this aspect, and the author's presentation of it, rather than the handling of the major historical events.

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The essay on happiness is totally unreliable as a doctrinal treatise, for its only source is Dr. Bennett. Joseph Smith wrote concerning Bennett's book, "from the assurances which I have ... it will prove a curse to all those who touch it" (LDS 5:157).