Population Growth: Essay on Population Growth

See S. Hollander, “Malthus and Utilitarianism with Special Reference to the Essay on Population”, Utilitas i (1989), 170–210, especially at 193–4. The same interpretation is found in Himmelfarb, The Idea of Poverty, pp. 115–16, and D. Levy, “Some Normative Aspects of the Malthusian Controversy”, History of Political Economy x (1978), 271–85.

In writing about Malthus’ essay on population, Kenneth Boulding observed:

Because of this reciprocal relationship between population and production, over the course of sociocultural evolution, both population and food production have grown in tandem. Periods of increase in food productivity, whether because of the application of technology or the expansion of cultivated land, have been met with expansions of population. This and nothing more, is Malthuss Principle of Population. Over the course of sociocultural evolution, however, the long-term tendency has been for both productivity and population to intensify. This reciprocal growth, of course, has great effect on other first Essay On Population By Thomas Malthus In The Modern History Sourcebook parts of the sociocultural system.

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