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There is more than one way of reading an anthology of essays. One way is to follow the sequence that the author has chosen. This book then consists of seven categories: At Home in Nature; The Changing Planet; Consumed; Communities; Heroes; The Turn to Activism; and Time, Moving and Meaning. These topics show the expanse of McKibben’s writing interests. But I tried a different way. I began with the essays with which McKibben himself began his career – the six essays on global warming (in Part Two). A 1989 essay summarises McKibben’s first book. Another essay suggests that perhaps we need a scarier title, ‘Hell on Earth’, for global warming to draw real attention from the public. A 1998 essay is a flashback on the not-so-successful story of the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. And a 2006 essay uses Katrina to showcase how global warming can enhance hurricanes and create millions of environmental refugees in the near future.