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An essay on othello has no choice but to focus on the character of Iago, the final instrument of destruction in the tragedy. This othello essay would certainly trace Iago’s clever manipulation of Roderigo, whose mind he slowly poisons against Othello. Then there are essays on othello that make a comparative study of Shakespeare’s two tragic heroes: Othello and Hamlet. Another othello essay might deal with aspects of racism in the drama; and yet another othello essay might focus on elements of irony. Related readings: essay outline template example, interesting essay topics and narrative essay help.

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By that, I couldn't help but distinguish the type of character Othello was. ... What exactly contributes to Othello's tragic heroism? ... Othello was also great, but was somewhat far from perfect. ... Othello fits all of the above, as he was a general nobleman within Cyprus. ... People have a good impression of Othello. ...

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