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Writing an essay on the American dream is a true pleasure, for Americans. However, most of the students find it rather difficult to write essays for two reasons: 1) they have no time to write an essay or 2) they do not want to write an essay. Of course, there are many other reasons why students hate writing. Here is a sample of essay on the American dream:

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Now, let us pass to several specific issues that you can highlight in essays on the American Dream.

Origins of the American Dream

Who actually and when invented this idea? What for? Think about it in your American Dream essay.

Does the idea work nowadays?

Did the idea alter with time? What do you think it means these days? Is it different from what it meant 20 or 50 years ago? Give your standpoint in the American Dream essay.

The American Dream vs. American Nightmares

All people who live or come to the USA are supposed to be happy, wealthy, and equal in their rights. BUT what about all the poor nations that we feel indifferent to? What about the immigrants we exploit? What about aggression towards some other nations, destruction of environment and so on? Does it also mean to be the American Dream? Tell what you think about it in the American Dream essay.

So, you are going to discuss quite a serious topic. Try to make your essay on the American Dream sound and impressive!

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Free Essays on Persuasive Essays On The American Dream .

FREE Essay on The American Dream: Dead or Alive?

The American dream described as a world of peace. A student living outside America may describe this in his/her essay. This applies where such a student lives in a country full of dictatorship, violence being the order of the day. A country which operates under no laws with freedom given to the powerful people. One may write an essay to show how one day the American dream will be achieved in his own country. This can be the dream for that little child who is suffering under violence and dictatorship from his/her own country. But their dreams one day are to see a country that respects its citizens. This is one example that students may use to write an essay on the American dream.