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And just like the tag to a story or a joke, the final sentence in your expository essay conclusion should be powerful and memorable. Hopefully your teacher or professor has enjoyed reading your expository essay. But to make sure they really appreciate your work, finish with a bang. Finish with a sentence that causes the reader to nod in appreciation. Think about this final sentence. If it's not powerful and memorable rewrite it.

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The key function of conclusion is to restate the key argument made in your writing. Expository essay conclusion should remind the reader about the reasons of writing an expository essay on the assigned topic. You should keep in mind that conclusion is not the same as summary. Indeed, if you simply summarize the main points of your expository essay, you will reduce the quality of the argument developed in your essay. The is the space devoted to show the significance of the topic and to make the final impression on the readers. You should be persuasive, convincing, and confident in your statements.

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Bear in mind the fact that conclusions are important for any kind of essay or paper you will have to deliver in college. In the end, this is precisely what your reader will be stuck with. Bear in mind the fact that your expository essay conclusion should follow these tips: