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The words ‘valid historical question’ in the introduction are meant to imply that the topic chosen must lend itself to systematic investigation in line with the published assessment criteria, and must be a topic to do with the human past. An extended essay is an in-depth investigation of a focused issue, and the systematic and disciplined development of an argument or thesis following the conventions of scholarly writing. An extended essay in history is not a narrative exposition, a descriptive composition, a biographical chronicle or a factual report. It is not a requirement for the topic of an extended essay in history to be chosen from the IB history programme, or related in any way to the regional option being studied by higher level candidates. The topic chosen must avoid a focus on the time span of the last ten years. One reason for this is that hindsight is seen as important in history; history and current affairs are different. However, history can aid understanding of recent happenings, and some reference in extended essays in history to recent developments and happenings, if relevant and done effectively, can contribute to demonstrating historical understanding. The topic chosen should provide opportunities for some critical analysis of sources. Topics which are entirely dependent on summarizing general secondary sources (such as textbooks and encyclopedias) and topics likely to lead to an essay which is essentially narrative or descriptive in nature should be avoided.

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Candidates need to be able to evaluate relevant sources and data with skill and understanding. In history, effective evaluation can be demonstrated through considering, for example: the used (who were the authors? what were their intentions? is it likely that any of the sources have been altered?) the of the sources. The value and reliability of sources should not be taken for granted in extended essays in history, especially when the authenticity of some of the sources is questionable. Candidates should aim to produce a convincing argument which addresses the research question, and is well developed, well organized and clearly expressed. Good argument, whatever the topic of the essay, will have these qualities. On the other hand, opportunities for evaluation will vary with the topic; clearly some topics will be more controversial in nature than others and so offer more opportunities for consideration of different interpretations. In history it is, of course, particularly important that any evaluation is not subjective, and candidates will also gain more credit for assessing varying interpretations than they will for reporting them.

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