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Alongside Jean Cayrol, Marker wrote uncredited for Alain Resnais’s Night and Fog (1955), a film essay about the Holocaust, a work that welds haunting visuals (and a color scheme Spielberg later cribbed for Schindler’s List) to a refreshingly human voiceover. In a brilliant essay he wrote for Threepenny Review, Phillip Lopate describes that voiceover as worldly, tired, weighted down with the need to make fresh those horrors that had so quickly turned stale. It was a self-interrogatory voice, like a true essayist’s, dubious, ironical, wheeling and searching for the heart of its subject matter. That voice, I suspect, is Marker’s. And it’s the lone voice, decidedly unobjective, that resides at the heart of the visual essay. Or film essay. Or video essay.

The film as essay:  Jafar Panahi’s search for self  in This is Not a Film

Prepare a Thesis Statement: Undoubtedly, thesis is the essence of your essay and really needs to be strong one. Here is one example of a thesis statement for you for free about film essays:

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In a nutshell, you can follow the preceding structure as your writing guideline to write film essays.

Hans-Jurgen Syberberg, HITLER: A FILM FROM GERMANY, Farrar, Straus,-.Giroux, NY, 1982. (the complete screenplay, with photographs, of the seven- hour film essay).

Jonathan Rosenbaum, “Looking for America: Uncommon Senses”, THE READER, August 26, 1988. (a look at some of the salient characteristics of the contemporary film essay by the guy whose got my vote as the finest working film critic in America.)There are many types of essays and the essay topic depends on the respective type. An essay on film could be either a or a . Topics for these types should not be very long. Topics with a high word count will bore the readers for sure. They must be short and crisp and convey the essence of the entire essay in a few words. It is pretty hard to do that and one can do it well only when a detailed study of the film is done. A film essay is not necessarily a film review. The professor does not intend to find out if the movie is good or bad from your essay – rather, he intends to test your understanding of the film and your knowledge of film language and the different facets of the film industry. Therefore you are not exactly expected to pass a judgment on the movie, rather analyze its various aspects. Film essay topics can also be based on that. There are many functions that play a role in the making of a film and your essay should talk about at least a few of them. Thus the topics for film essays should make the readers curious about the movie from different perspectives.