Knowledge@Wharton and KWHS 2012 Financial Literacy Essay Contest

The 2012 Financial Literacy Essay Contest is sponsored by Knowledge@Wharton and Knowledge@Wharton High School, which were launched to help spread knowledge about the world of business to a global audience. The purpose of this contest is to challenge all participants to think about what financial literacy means to them and how possessing this knowledge will enable them to succeed in the future.

Needs” versus “Wants” Form Topic of Financial Literacy Essay

For the first ever First State Bank of Uvalde Financial Literacy Essay contest, 4 winners were selected out of nearly 100 essays. The subject of the essay was "Why You Should Save Some of Your Money". Students were asked to provide examples of money saving tips and why budgeting is important. Top four winners were given Young Savers Accounts ranging from $300 to $50. Every student who submitted an essay is eligible for a FREE FSB RED PIGGY BANK.

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Americans today have never been in greater need of a sound financial background. And according to a recent financial literacy essay published by the National Financial Educators Council, one of the keys to becoming money savvy is to learn how to separate “needs” from “wants.” Having a viable savings plan in place is the only way we will become able to reach our financial goals. And in order to save more money, we must know the difference between these two concepts.