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American journalist Douglas McGray’s 2002 Foreign Policy essay crystallized for many not only evidence that contemporary Japan had become hip and attractive, but also a nifty phrase to go with it. From Boston to Australia, “cool Japan” subsequently appeared in the titles of academic conferences, essays and articles addressing everything from Japan’s anime and manga imagery to fashion, style, pop music, and even food. It signified a national brand that packed a lot of soft power – the appeal of a culture’s sensibility and products.

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First and foremost, she sees India as a crucial part of U.S. strategy in a world increasingly centered on Asia, where, in her words, "the future of politics will be decided." As secretary of state her focus on rebalancing U.S. foreign policy toward Asia contained a strong emphasis on expanding ties with India, one of the emerging Asian powers highlighted in her Foreign Policy essay of 2011. This was the essay that referred to "actively support[ing] India's Look East effort" and talked of India as a "linchpin" of an "economically integrated and politically stable South and Central Asia."

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