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Bolognesi T., In: FQXi Essay Contest 2015 – ‘Trick or Truth? The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics’ (January – August, 2015). Proceedings, electronic form, Foundational Question Institute, March 2015. 3th Prize Winner and special mention for ‘Most Creative Presentation’. — To appear also in Springer volume, The Frontiers Collection, 2016.

The production of time, 2008 FQXI essay contest, available at  /forum/topic/380 or

Update: I just saw this call for papers - it seems to be quite a topic after all: Is Reality Digital or Analog? FQXi Essay Contest, 2011. , , . One can find some pretty amazing papers over there.

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Julian Barbour, , First Juried Prize, FQXi Essay Contest on The Nature of Time, Spring, 2008.

10. The Argument from Consciousness (that is the same idea as the "unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics" and the inteligibility of the laws of physics, that was the topic of the fqxi essay contest on the connection between maths and physics)