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The youth participate in leadership skill development, the Gertrude Johnson Williams Oratorical Contest, the Frederick Douglass Essay Contest: Talent, Fashion; Arts and Crafts; Web site design; Powerpoint Presentation and Scrap Book Contests. Two scholarships per region are available for a boy and girl.

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Week 32
Bible: 2 Chronicles 25:14-29:11; James 4, 5; Psalm 50; Proverbs 30:1-9
Churchill's Great Democracies, ch 8
Knowing God ch 20
Arguing About Slavery ch 13
Story of Abraham Lincoln, ch 8 Victory, or Boys Life of Lincoln ch 8 Unsuccessful Generals
Royal Road to Romance ch 33
On Liberty ch 4 Of the Limits to Authority of Society (first half)
Ourselves (Book 2, Self-Direction) ch 5 Chastity (Part 2 Ordered Friendship) pg 29-33
Sesame and Lilies - 1/3 of Lecture II Lilies: Of Queen's Gardens
Frankenstein ch 16, 17
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ch 6
History of English Literature ch 82 Carlyle - The Sage of Chelsea
Uncle Tom's Cabin ch 29-32
Frederick Douglass essay: My Escape From Slavery
The Book on Writing ch 6

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San Joaquin County high schoolers are invited to take part in the first Frederick Douglass Essay Contest, addressing the topic “It’s hard out here in Stockton … how would he address his desire for freedom for all?”