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Writing about outstanding American politicians is a rather widespread assignment for students. This time you have to write about George Washington. It is possible that next time you will have to complete . Yes, academic life is versatile and unpredictable.

Needless to say, George Washington was one of the most significant and bright American politicians. He is frequently called “a father of the country”.

Even though he as a great personality, it is often hard to choose something specific about him to introduce in George Washington essays. So, if you cannot chose any particular issue that you can present in papers on George Washington, here are several ways.

Way #1 – writing George Washington essays in general.

You can write a kind of evaluation or on George Washington. Try to analyze his presidency. Tell about advantages and drawbacks of his policy. Evaluate changes that happened in the United States under this president.

Way #2 – writing George Washington essays on more specific topics.

Definitely, topics that are more specific allow students to demonstrate their skills. If this is what you are looking for, George Washington essays can be devoted to:

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My 10 yr old had to do a George Washington essay this week. I promptlymade a simple chart showing 4 lines starting with RevWar ancestors andending with his name. I introduced them as people who "helped George Washingtonstart America." I then added a sentence or two telling what the ancestorshad done.

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We have to say that it is a standard way of completing George Washington essays. Such paper on George Washington will be rather informative but quite ordinary and maybe even boring.

You certainly agree that this person deserves something more. Thus, we suggest you write your George Washington essay in the following way.

Imagine that you have a chance to talk to George Washington. Or, if you are ambitious enough, imagine that you are George Washington. Answer the next questions in your George Washington essay: