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The reality for today is that they will at some point in their educational endeavor have to write from their own personal experience. Personal essays are used to judge character, intent, and potential in students. Good personal essay topics are a vital part of writing a personal essay that makes sense and markets the student’s greatest assets. Personal essay topics for high school students are not easy to come up with, but they are also used for a variety of reasons, from college entrance letters, getting a summer intern, or just classroom assignments. The topics that are listed below can be used to satisfy such essay writing assignments.

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Selecting a good personal essay topic is important because the topic will set the tone for the entire paper. By picking something original that you feel interested in, you will find the writing process more enjoyable as well as your audience will feel more engaged. Writing about something intriguing keeps everyone more involved because they are excited to hear about what you have written.

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In fact we’re willing to bet there are seven or eight things on that list you could write about. Everyone’s lives are different, but most of us have similar experiences. That’s what makes reading about other people so interesting; how we can relate their lives to our own. Good personal essay topics bring out these experiences so we can share them with others.