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Mr. Evans shifted to Fortune magazine in 1945, and spent almost 20 years on its staff. For it he conceived an executed his own ideas for photo essays, taking the pictures and writing the captions and text.

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Picture story ideas come from an editor, a reporter, or a photographer. Gene Smith, one of the most respected photojournalists and producers of picture stories until his death in 1978, said that "The best way to find ideas for photo essays is to be immersed in enough activities and different people so that you keep your mind stimulated" (cited in Kobre, 1980, p. 288). A curious and energetic mind will always find stories worth telling.

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Duncan's more than 3,000 images of the Middle East, taken during the 1940s and 1950s, combined with his original dispatches, provide a captivating window into a distinct time. His excitement was palpable, as was his affection and empathy for the people he was living with and photographing. He had a singular talent for remaining discreet yet very present, managing to communicate with minimal foreign language skills. Duncan often proposed his ideas for photo essays to Wilson Hicks, LIFE's legendary picture editor, and once they were approved, he became engrossed in photographing, writing, and loving every minute of it. There are epic photographs from that period—of dark uniformed men on horseback in Turkey in a calligraphic pattern against the snow or pounding through the Iranian desert.