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Do you agree that in the life of any person can be a turning point? Do you have such experience? This is what you will have to describe in your life changing experience essay.

By the way, how do you plan to write the life changing experience essay? If you just want to say, “One day, an unbelievable thing happened to me and changed my life”, it will not work.

We suggest you follow the next plan for writing essays on life changing experience if you want to get an A+.

Life changing experience essays: point 1

Make a clear thesis statement that will introduce the main idea of your paper.

Life changing experience essays: point 2

Describe your life changing experience. So, what happened to you? What did you do? When? Where? Why? Answer these questions in your life changing experience essay.

Life changing experience essays: point 3

It is high time to tell about the results of your experience. What are they? Why are they important to you? Is there anything significant that you learned about yourself or people around you? What knowledge did you gain?

Life changing experience essays: point 4

Finally, you have to tell how valuable this experience is for your future. Do you think experience and knowledge gained can be applied to some situations in the future? Describe particular benefits got from this experience in your life changing experience essay.

So, this simple plan will help you create an informative and a captivating essay on life changing experience.

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