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A medical school essay that is off-topic or expects the reader to make the necessary connections between the content of the essay and medicine is frustrating to the reader. While things like having a strong theme or taking a creative slant are welcomed if they are done properly, your medical school essay is really not the place to show off your artistic talent. You are applying to medical school, and the purpose of medical school essays is to help the admissions officers understand why you wish to become a physician. For this reason, never stray too far from the main topic: you. Including your views on medicine is great, but make sure that you are expressing a personal perspective based on your experiences, not trying to borrow someone else’s “greatness” (Hint: Don’t include quotes in your medical school essay!).

Here is what a lot of medical school essays look like:

You’ve made it through all the pre-med courses, put together a very solid GPA, achieved the score you wanted on the MCAT, and built a diverse resume of relevant experience in medical-related fields. Now comes the hard part: showing that you’re a better applicant than all of the other aspiring doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and the like who have backgrounds that are likely just as impressive as yours. That’s where an outstanding medical school essay can be the difference between acceptance and rejection from your top-choice program.

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This is an exaggeration, but many medical school admission essays look the same.

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