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A personal opinion essay requires you to write a balanced, specific style of essay. The response is not what you necessarily be graded on, but your writing style, format and uniqueness will be graded. For these reasons it is vital that you submit a personal belief essay of the highest quality in order to earn the grade you are looking for.

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If your students have read an opinion piece, such as an editorial or personal opinion essay, you can use what they have read as a starting point for sharing their own opinions. Break your class into groups of three or four, and have them discuss the points or arguments the writer presented in his written piece. Then have your students discuss whether or not they agree with what they writer said. Follow up by having each person write their own editorial, letter to the editor, or letter of response to the author. If any of your students does a particularly effective job on their letter to the editor, have them send it in to the paper and see if it gets printed.

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