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I don’t believe in the Mormon hogwash any more but I have to at least hand it to them for even making an attempt to answer the troubling questions with the essays. However, their non-sequiturs and magical thinking shows loud and clear through-out the essays – especially in the race, book of Abraham and polygamy essays. How a critical thinker can still believe after the responses contained therein is beyond my comprehension. Maybe the brethren should do an essay on social psychology and how group think and peer pressure are the main reasons people continue to “believe.”

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My study of the uncensored version of church history began December last year after listening to the of Doug Fabrizio interviewing Patrick Mason, Andrea Radke-Moss, and Richard Turley, in conjunction to reading the that announced the essays (including the polygamy essay mentioned in the podcast) in the Gospel Topics section of the church’s website. The Mormon Newsroom Facebook page, during the time the news release was published, however makes no mention of the announcement.

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the two polygamy essays have not been “combined into one essay” . that would be one link= 2 essays. The link to the nauvoo essay is burried in the 1st one. theres a difference.