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Practice with the SAT essay rubric is also part of the ELA curriculum. This provides students the opportunity to experience firsthand that the SAT essay requires the clear and precise expression of well-­‐reasoned critical thinking in persuading an audience to the student's point of view. This essay must exhibit excellent organization and superior writing skills in communicating logical, critical thought.

How to Score the SAT Essay: The SAT Essay Rubric

A rubric is a type of scoring tool that uses a set of standards and expectations to evaluate a student's work. If the rubric is developed and reviewed with the student prior to the start of the assessment, then the rubric helps bring clarity to the assignment. Rubrics assign point values to certain standards of writing. The SAT essay rubric is a familiar format that scores writing on a 6 point scale, with six being the highest score.

SAT Essay Rubric: Full Analysis and Writing Strategies

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