1-Term Senior Essays Fall Deadline

The senior essay is a 15- to 20-page original research paper to be written in Italian by each graduating Italian major. This paper will be done under the direction of a faculty member (the instructor of your senior seminar) who will work closely with you during the semester, and read the essay at least once in draft form before you submit your final version. When completed, your essay will also be read and evaluated by at least one other faculty member, to be selected by the department, in consultation with you, if you desire.
This essay will be done as part of the normal writing load of the senior seminar. (i.e., If the seminar requires four 5-page papers, you will write a 15-page senior essay and one 5-page paper.)

Converting from a 1-term Senior Essay to a 2-term Senior Essay

First-place winners Reese Blakeney, 14, from Leesville, in Senior Essay; James Corley Sanders, 10, from Trout, in Junior Essay; and, Ava Lemoine, 10, from Baton Rouge, in Photography have held places in past YJC judging.

The Senior Essay Writing Workshop

You will receive a hardcopy of the  at the senior essay mandatory meeting September 10, 2015.

The contest has three categories consisting of Senior Essay (14-18 YOA), Junior Essay (13 YOA and under), and Photography (18 YOA and under) and features cash prizes donated by the Louisiana Chapter of Safari Club International.