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Any essay should be structured and formatted. Like any other type of essay, your senior project essay should have the introduction-body-conclusion structure. The other requirements for senior project essays are:

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CSS students will not be permitted to continue with their theses into the second semester unless satisfactory progress has been made by the beginning of the term. Thesis advisors will be asked if their students have completed a significant body of writing (the equivalent of one chapter) and have developed an outline of the work as a whole by no later than the last day of classes in the first semester. Advisors of students who have not met this requirement will be contacted within the first few days of the second semester. If they are still not in compliance, their thesis will be converted to a senior project. Since such a student will have received an “X” for the fall tutorial (normally CSS 409), the student and the thesis (now project) advisor have two options. If they determine that the senior project essay can be completed by the end of the fourth week of the second semester, the fall tutorial (CSS 409) will be changed to CSS 407, and the project advisor will submit a grade for that class when the essay is completed. If they determine that completing the essay will require more than four weeks, the student will register for CSS 408, and the project advisor will submit a grade for it by the end of the spring semester while the X will remain on the transcript for CSS 409 indefinitely.