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In courses which deal with literary texts, the books we study fall, very roughly, into two groups: some tell fictional stories (novels, epic poems, plays) and some present arguments. Some texts, of course, do both (and these books are often relatively more complex because of that). As we read, therefore, we tend to select a main emphasis arising out of the book (story or argument) and then to focus upon either the creation of an imaginary world in which particular people act out a story in a specific environment (e.g., the ) or on the presentation of a structured argument about philosophical, political, or scientific issues (e.g., , short argumentative essays). This division may sometimes be simplistic, but it makes a useful starting point.

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Been wanting to get started on that argumentative essay but dreading the idea of needing at least six pages to finish it? The thought can certainly be exhausting and misleading for that matter. Who ever said an argumentative essay had to be long? Here are 5 steps for creating a short argumentative essay:

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