Bli först att boken Short Essay Questions for the MRCOG Part 2.

This book contains 150 short essay questions, clearly structuredto facilitate both learning and practice. Questions are dividedprimarily into obstetrics and gynaecology and secondly by maintopics such as infertility, operative gynaecology and antenatalcare. The answers are written in the form of bullet points; aformat that not only clearly identifies the key points but alsoemulates the structure of the model answers given to the examinersby the RCOG.

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This analytical study was carried out in the department of Biochemistry, in a newly established medical college in Karachi, Pakistan. The first batch was admitted in January 2009 while the undergraduate curriculum has been organized in six limited integrated modules. Multiple assessment methods including short essay questions, MCQs, OSPEs, and orals carrying equal weightage were used for module assessment. The college faculty developed all assessment questions.

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Objectives: To evaluate Multiple Choice and Short Essay Question items in Basic Medical Sciences by determining item writing flaws (IWFs) of MCQs along with cognitive level of each item in both methods.