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C. Wright Mills coined the phrase Sociological Imagination, in 1959, and most students in sociology fields will write at least one Sociological imagination essay during their academic studies. In particular, this type of essay is demonstrative of your ability to diagnosis symptoms of sociological needs while presenting reasons for the conditions of the self. Every student must determine a number of aspects that may influence the thinking patterns of the individual in relationship to the society that causes those thought patterns. This can be complicated; however, solid research and clear defining points can assist this in being the best of the essays you will develop during your educational endeavors.

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The three most commonly mentioned study strategies that work best in Sociology were talking with others about the material, using application and real life examples, and various forms of review and repetition. Greater engagement in the discipline of Sociology was significantly related to greater frequency of six positive study/academic behaviors. In this study, measures of success include Sociology GPA, expected senior thesis grade, level of engagement in the discipline, score on a sociological imagination essay question, and measures combining these variables. Age and race, were each related to four of these measures of success in Sociology with younger students and white students having greater success. Making internal attributions for success in Sociology courses, greater frequency of coming to class well prepared and greater frequency of completing all homework on time were each related to more success in Sociology on three measures of success. Thus, this study is hinting at demographic variables, attitudinal variables, and study behaviors that may distinguish more and less successful Sociology students.