Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

From high school athletes to those who play sports professionally, there is steroid use. While 99% of these athletes are working hard to be the best that they can naturally be, the other 1% of athletes are cheating the sport by using steroids...

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There is a wide range of sports essay topics that are interesting to read and fun to write. For example, you may want to write about a historic rivalry, the use of drugs and steroids and the difficulty of regulation, or a more nuanced offshoot—should natural processes such as spending time at high altitudes to raise an athlete’s red blood cell count (which equals greater oxygen capacity which equals greater endurance) before an Olympic game be acceptable.

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Sports persuasive essay means debating on a topic on sports, using logical reasoning and citing examples.

One of the easiest essays that one can encounter is a sports essay. This theme is so common that there are endless possibilities in coming up with an essay topic on this particular course. Topics can vary from the kinds of sports, such as Football or Swimming to famous sports men like Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan.