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Study Abroad Essay Writing Workshops: The Writing Lab and Undergraduate Student Government will offer sessions to aid you in writing study abroad application essays. The study abroad essay writing sessions are: January 11th (6-8pm), January 13th (5-7pm), and January 19th (6-8pm) and will be in the Anderson Academic Commons Loft Room.

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The focus of your statement of purpose to study abroad essay should focus on you and the career path that you are taking. It should also discuss why you are taking this course and what made you decide to study abroad. The study abroad statement of purpose should give the reader an overview of who you are, what brought you to where you are and who you will be in the future, it is will also determine the level of English proficiency that you have especially if you will be coming from a country that does use English as their native tongue. to study abroad essay depends on the requirement of the university or school that you are applying for. In some UK schools for example, they would require you to write a purpose of study essay that is about 350 to 500 words long. You have to make sure that in the length you should be able to make a personal statement that will help the committee admissions be able to make a positive decision in your favor.

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