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also includes Miss Rand’s notes on many points that shedid not address elsewhere, such as her identification of significant errorsthat have plagued the history of philosophy. There are also passages she cutwhile editing several of her landmark essays, and potential themes for essaysthat she considered writing. (Of course all these journal entries, written toand for herself, should not be taken as definitive statements of herviews.)

These are some common themes for essay writing

The Faculty systematically holds student scientific conferences, contests for student scientific works. Fr om the first year in the Faculty teachers try to engage students in research work offering various themes for essays, term papers, diploma papers or interactive work.

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Other ways of approaching themes for essays, supervisions and exam questions

You have to put in a lot of effort to find the most appropriate essay themes for your projects. But, your job does not end with the choice of a theme for your essay. You have to maintain the focus on that theme as well as do justice to it by weaving an interesting essay around it. Listed below are a few tips which you can use towards the choice of topic for your thematic essay as well as with the framing of your essay.