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This term paper is on Tobacco Essay Andrew Wedman 12-17-98 Period 2 One may think they have benefits from smoking because they fit in the crowd. Of course, thats not true. Someone may tell you that if you smoke youll be cool and everyone will like you. Then the crowd that smo

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theory" of chemical usage. Such a theory holds that the use of a particular drug(usually the one presently targeted for prohibition) inevitably and with rare exceptionleads-to the use of other drugs (usually drugs already prohibited or drugs already definedas evil). For example, the publication in 1798 of Essays, Literary, Moral andPhilosophical by Benjamin Rush includes the following comments from an anti-tobacco essay:"A desire of course is excited for strong drink, (by smoking tobacco) and these(cigarettes) when taken between meals soon lead to intemperance and drunkenness.35 Thefollowing is from a 1912 article in Century magazine:

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Tobacco essay isn't excerpted there, but some of Berry's other writings are.