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For hand-graded activities, we recommend the Online essay option because it is easier to use than either of the file upload options. Online essays allow students to type an essay directly into Sapling, to which you can assign a grade. Special characters (such as Greek letters) and formatting options (such as subscripts) are available for students to use in their submission.

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Type an essay answer to each of the questions below (probably about 2 pages,maybe more if you become passionate about your answer!). Turn these inon Thursday February 27 in class. I will randomly select three questions tograde. We will not have class on Tuesday February 25. Use that time towork on your essay questions. I will be available to meet that day duringour class time if anyone needs clarification on any of thequestions below. Feel free to email me )as well with any questions you have. I will be out of town Thursday February 20thru Saturday February 22.

You will be asked to type an essay of approximately 300 words

type an essay online

On a separate sheet of paper, type an essay describing yourself and reasons for applying to this program. Tell us how your education will relate to your career goals. The essay must be approximately 2 double-spaced typed pages.