Introductions• There are several ways to begin an essay

One could doubtless find more inviting or compelling ways to begin anessay than to announce in the opening sentence that it is going to be concernedmainly with questions of “method,” a term likely to give the impressionof something dry, pedantic, and uninspiring, or concerned primarily...

Mr. Bowne of Eastern High School in Voorhees, NJ explains effective ways to begin an essay.

Attention grabbing ways to begin an essay can have a positive impact on your grade. Your essay introduction should be informative and effective. It should tell the reader what it is about and should draw them in, making them want to continue reading. Get the grades you deserve by using some of these effective ways to begin an essay.

There are countless ways to begin an essay effectively

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Some students spend such a long time trying to find a way to create a clever opening. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of the reader and imagine what would interest you as an opener. The most effective ways to begin an essay are those that don’t get your marker rolling his/her eyes before the paragraph is over.